America’s Got Talent’s KRISTEN CRUZ releases her stunning, original, first single, “Love Shouldn’t Be A Fight!”


With millions of followers from around the world, Kristen Cruz reaches deep to deliver what her fans have been waiting for - a powerful song of her own, full of achingly, haunting melodic  moments.

Her first single “Love Shouldn’t Be a Fight” is a beautiful composition that tells the story of an honest heartbreak, the tension of love, and the tug-of-war between loving or leaving someone.

With lyrics like: “I wanted you to be the one, baby, But I know it just ain’t right, Love shouldn’t be a fight.”

Kristen delivers from the heart a dynamic performance only confirming what the judges of AGT previously recognized:

“ are a star already in the making.” (Heidi Klum) | “ have great taste.” (Simon Cowell) | “’re on fire!” (Howie Mandel)

"Love Shouldn’t Be A Fight" is available everywhere 09/23/2022.