Kristen Cruz, a 20 year old singer/songwriter from Crowley, Texas, began singing at the age of 5,performing for family and friends. Inspired by the sounds of Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lauren Hill, shecontinued to cultivate her passion for singing, working with voice coaches and performing around Dallas.During the Pandemic, Kristen organically gained over 5 million social media followers when she begancreating online content that combined her raw vocal talent, sparkling humor and her homemade lattes.With charm and relatability that come naturally, she won the hearts of America and also the attention ofAmerica’s Got Talent, blowing the judges and audience away with her stunning performances in the 2022season of AGT.“I want your voice! I love everything about you, you are a star already in the making. I mean, you justhave a real gift!” - Heidi Klum“You open your mouth and you’re onfire!” - Howie Mandel“Your voice, I mean it is what I would call seasoned. You’re not like someone just starting...your range,your tone, you have great taste by the way, because it was a great great choice of song. You don’t needsmoothies when you sing, trust me.”-Simon CowellHerfirst single “Love Shouldn’t Be a Fight” is a beautiful composition that tells the story of an honestheartbreak, the tension of love, and tug-of-war between loving or leaving someone.